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Final Tidbits!

Website Update

The website transition is nearly complete and the new site is up and available. Note, the address has changed a little: (the two a’s in the middle have been slimmed down to a single “a”. …

Tidbits 2022-11-28

Website Update

The software that I have been using to maintain the content of this website has finally been broken by macOS Ventura. I will be delaying the update on my laptop until I migrate the site to a new product. The software I was using got sold to a company about ten years ago and it has not seen an update in about five years. …

Website back in operation

There are a few changes. 

You can still access the web site with but you will see a longer Amazon AWS address in the address bar. The other option would have been to just have in the address bar and you could not copy the actual address to a bookmark. …

Possible Web Site Disruption

On January 7, 2022 GoDaddy will be moving to a new hosting service. Since I will be away for a trial that weekend, my ability to correct any problems arising from the move will be limited until I get home. …

World Equestrian Center update 10/26/2021


The Golden Retriever National Speciality is currently taking place (thru 10/30). The agility trial was held Sunday and Monday (Oct/24-25) (a picture above). This past May, the AKC held their Premier Cup at the facility. …

TidBits 2021-06-27

A few things to share in this edition.

  • AKC National Agility Championship to be held in Florida in 2022
  • New rules and some interesting new Classes for CPE
  • New rules and classes for UKC

The 2022 AKC National Agility Championship

TidBits 2021-05-13

A few thing to share in this edition.

  • AKC open and novice only trials
  • AKC premiums
  • Valdosta Kennel Club and my "Pensacola Dilemma"

Two clubs have scheduled AKC Open and Novice only trials this Fall. Pals and Paws has one scheduled for September 25&26 and it looks like it will have T2B and all levels of FAST so you can get your other dogs some exercise. …

TidBits 2021-03-06

A couple of tidbits to share with you today.

The Upper Suncoast trial (4/30-5/2) has had a judge change. Jeffrey Boyer has been replaced by Oksana Syrkin.

I have overhauled the Calendar a bit. I have added an event status indicator at the beginning of the calendar entry. …

TidBits 2021-01-28

Some miscellaneous ramblings.

Fix and Go On and FEO are now permanent. The FEO rules are supposed to be in the premium if it is offered and as statement at the front of the premium if FEO is not offered. Also permanent is the reduction of the minimum closing date from 14 days to 7 days before the trial. 

TidBits 11/20/2020

News from November AKC Board meeting

For Exhibition Only and Fix and Go On trial

These have been made permanent.

Things ending 12/31/2020 

  • Waiver of two judges required to earn a title will be extended to 12/31/2021
  • Event closing date not less than 7 days before the trial. …

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