Hit a snag

When I added the hotels for the recently published premium for the Pawsitive Action CPE trial the number of locations on the map forced Google to go to another page. However, when you go to the page only the two hotels show up on the map. …

Photo Help

One of the thing that I have been adding to the site are photos of the trial sites. Thus far, I have done Palmetto and Arcadia and Kelli has given me some for her Pasco Paws facility.  With close to forty sites, there is no way that I will be able to get to them all. …


I have added a Florida Agility page to Google+. Like Facebook and Twitter, it will get the new premium announcements and News items. So you now have three round follow buttons in the upper right corner. On mobile devices, you will have a Follow and Share menu at the bottom of your screen.

New Calendar & other stuff

I have added a new calendar to the calendar. This calendar tracks opening dates and the entries are formatted XXXX YYY ZZ/ZZ where XXXX is the club acronym (i.e., DTCSP), YYY is the venue (i.e., AKC) and ZZ/ZZ is the month and day of the first day of the trial. …

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