Final Tidbits!

Website Update

The website transition is nearly complete and the new site is up and available. Note, the address has changed a little: (the two a’s in the middle have been slimmed down to a single “a”. The existing address will be changed to forward to the new address in a few weeks and will eventually disappear. The destination for the current redirect ( will remain for a while (it only costs pennies per month which they don’t bother billing me for!). It will satisfy all the existing links in the calendar. If a premium is changed, the calendar will be updated with a link to the new site.

This news feed will disappear. If I have something to say it will be posted to the Facebook page. The last few Facebook posts will appear on the website under the Facebook tab. 

The premium emails will only have the page title for each trial set. That consists of the Date, the licensing organization and the name of the name of the club holding the trial. A click on the title will take you to the page with the current information. Sometimes, the links in the emails could get stale quickly.

As for the web site itself, it will look familiar but there are some significant differences. The site uses popup windows for a number of things. For example, the help topics at the top of the Calendar page are popup windows. The links on the licensing organizations on the front page will also bring up a popup window with information about the organization. Most of the popup windows are scrollable. Popups are also used for a number of table of contents. For example, the training has the usual geographic regions of the state but since the popup is just a list with a links to a page, it is easy to copy the link to another geographic region if the organization is in a fringe area between a couple of regions (let me know if you have a training site and want to take advantage of this). 

The premium index page is listed in the descending order of the posting date. I have had some ideas on how to sort and filter the list if there is sufficient demand.

I have removed some content that seemed to have little interest. If there is anything you want added back, let me know. 

The email address is also changing. Google is now charging $6 per month for the email and the new address ( is free. 

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