Thanksgiving weekend

Thanksgiving weekend this year will be a big weekend. There are four AKC trials scheduled and a NADAC trial scheduled. The AKC trials are in Pensacola, Elkton (near St. Augustine), Tampa and Miami. The NADAC trial will be in Valrico (near Tampa). 

Last Call AKC Agility Advisory Committee

It is the last call for the quadrennial AKC Agility Advisory Committee. If you have an agility suggestion for the AKC, you have until May 31 to submit your proposal. For information on who makes up the committee and the link to the form to fill out, follow this link:


We had a delightful weekend at Palmetto this weekend. It was warm but the humidity was down and there was generally a nice breeze blowing through the arena which made it pretty comfortable. This was the last outdoor of the season and the trial filled!

Extended Premiums

I will be posting premiums for significant trials in the Southeast outside of Florida. This will include the big summer trials in Perry, GA and Concord, NC. It is a bit late for the USDAA Southeast regional in Perry in a couple of weeks but I will look for it next year. …

New Trials

With the AKC increasing its limit by 50% to 12 trial days per year, we are seeing a few new trial dates from several clubs. 

  • Dog Training Club of Tampa has scheduled two new trials weekends in Palmetto 9/27-29/2013 and 3/28-30/2014 (NAC weekend)


I have changed the layout of the Trial Sites. The tabbed feature was causing the maps to be skewed. The information from the "Details" tab is now on the trial site main page with links to the various maps, accommodations, directions, etc. on the top of the page. …

Site Update

I have added a weather forcast to the "Details" tab for each trial site. I have also added the RV site map for the Arcadia trials (Turner Event Center - last one in the trial site list).


I have added a directions tab to the site information for most of the sites. The tab has a form to get directions and a map from Google. The tab also has the directions from a premium if I had one available to me. If you are lazy and know your immediate area well, you can just input the zip code into the form and that will give you directions from close to where you are.  

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