Scroll down to the bottom for calendar notes also if you are having problems seeing the calendar. 

Seeing a CAPTCHA request instead of the Calendar?  This seems to be an intermittent Google/Apple/Safari problem. One possible solution appears to be to go into the browsers preferences and uncheck “prevent cross-site tracking”. You can also try other browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Brave, Edge, etc. 

Calendar Color codes

Screen Shot 2021-09-29 at 3.23.00 PM

The images to the right are an example of the colors for each of the Calendars.

Emoji used in Calendar

The first character in the calendar for a trial entry is an emoji representing the status of a trial. It is an easy way to see the status of a trial. The various emojis used are listed below.

The date range next to the club name are the opening/closing dates for AKC trials. 

A tentative or corresponding event is just a place holder that can be used for planning purposes. For most events, I will create a tentative entry for the following year shortly before or after the conclusion of an event. When I get an entry in the licensing organization schedule, I change the trial status indicator to scheduled and add it to the premium dates spreadsheet. I will also add additional information to the calendar entry. If I receive information from the club that a trial will not be held, I will remove (no future plans) or cancel (plans to hold next year) the entry. When the premium is issued, the trial status is changed and a link to the event page is added.

Most trials have fixed weekends. Most licensing organizations have minimum distance requirements for trials held on the same weekend without approval by the club that owns the weekend. In some cases this also applies to adjacent weekends. This is especially important for the popular venues such as AKC and CPE. The less popular venues like TDAA & UKC, do not need to worry as much since there will not likely be a conflict. Weekend number one is the first Saturday in January except when it occurs on January 1st or 2nd (AKC, CPE and most other organizations) or January 1st (USDAA). Therefore, trials in 2021 will be a week later for most organizations and 2022 for USDAA. The next leap ahead will occur in 2027 (AKC) and 2028 (USDAA).

Until a premium or test schedule is published any event can be changed. Even after the premium is published, the event can be cancelled, postponed  or relocated to a different site (hurricane Ian caused all three). 

Each venue is actually a separate calendar. At the upper right corner of the calendar (next to the view modes) there is a little downward pointing triangle. If you click on the triangle, a list of the individual calendars will appear. You can select which organizations to view in the calendar. This can be handy if there are more events than can be displayed. 

Event Sorting in the calendar The following are my observations on how the events in the calendar are displayed.

  • The starting date and length of the event. A three or four day event will appear before a two day weekend event.
  • Calendar name - AKC will appear before CPE, etc.
  • Event title 

If your calendar program can handle the iCal format, you can subscribe to these individual calendars - click here for more info.

If you use a Google calendar, you can copy specific events to your own calendar. Click on the event and click on the “copy to my calendar” link at the bottom.

For events outside of Florida, I normally select events that are at least four days long (and I would consider the drive from Plant City) or national & world championships (information links included but no active premium search). For example, I will list the four/five day trials in Perry, GA but not the three day weekend trials. If you can think of an event that I should include, use the contact webmaster link below to suggest it.

I am considering Valdosta Kennel Club a “Florida” club for agility trials held near Valdosta since it is so close to the Florida-Georgia line and likely attracts a number of Florida competitors. The premiums will be distributed but the trials do not count as Florida trials in the stats.

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