Email Conversion

I am in the process of converting the Email distribution from Google's Feedburner to MailChimp. As long as we stay under 2000 subscribers and under 12,000 emails a month it is free. It offers a number of customization options and you may see some changes to the emails generated over time. …

Updates 8/14/13

I have redone a couple of premium links that did not propagate well to the social media. 

I am also in the process of migrating the email process away from Google's Feedburner service. The premium re-posts and this post will allow me to see if the new service picks up the items properly. …

Updates 8/5/13

A new RV form for the Manatee Fairgrounds in Palmetto has been posted. The form can be filled in with your static information and saved. You can get to it from the Palmetto site information or the Files section under the More menu. 

Maps redo

I have redone the maps! There is a new "Maps" page. There area now five overview maps. There are statewide Trial Sites and Trainers maps and three regional maps with Trial sites and lodging - North, South and I-4 Corridor.

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