Updates - 5/26/2014

I have added a list of links to the five most recently published premiums to most of the pages with side bars.

Updates - 5/21/2014

The AKC has published the MACH statistics for 2013. ( I recognized a few Floridians in the top 20 overall for 2013: Shirley Michaels and Edge were #2 overall (Biz was #8 overall), Kathleen Kreider and Zak were #5 overall, Cindy Glover and Ravin came in at #20 overall. …

Updates 5/4/2014

I have added a page about storing your RV at the Turner Center in Arcadia this Summer. 

I was pleased to see that the Google satellite view of the Turner Center already shows the shell rock in the “new” RV area even though it was just completed last fall. …

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