Updates 12/22/13

Did some changes to the front page. The information about Agility in Florida was moved to a new page under the More menu called Agility in Florida. The page also has a breakdown by sponsoring organization. I also added a page under the More menu about finding trials and premiums by organization. 

First UKI trial in Florida

We have our first UKI (UK Agility International) trial in Florida on Jan 11&12. Up to now the closest trial that I have found was a trial held after an AKC trial in Alpharetta, GA. 

If you would like some more information here is a link to the

Updates 12/5/13

I have added the key DACOF (Dog Agility Competition Of Florida) 2014 dates to the calendar. For more information about DACOF you will need to join the DACOF Yahoo group. You can find a link on the DACOF page. You can also download a copy of the 2014 flyer on that page.

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