If you live in Florida on a permanent or part time basis, you may want to do some agility training. For those of you from out of state, the trainers are located on a map so you can see which are close to where you are or will be.  

Look at the overview map (will open in a new tab or window) for trainers in your vicinity. Then come back here for more information about the trainer & facility (often, the map information will get you to their web site or social media).  

Trainers check the Trainers topic under Notes for inclusion here or having Seminars and Camps listed with premiums.

There is a wide variety of agility training available. The classes range from just for fun equipment orientation along with doggie daycare to competition training with instructors that have competed internationally. It is up to you to decide what is appropriate for you. You may start with a "just for fun" and then decide you want to compete. Agility with your dog can be addicting.

All of the trainers have either requested inclusion here or were found to have active web sites with agility training featured. If you know of a trainer not in the list, let me know via the contact at the bottom of the page. 

The list below is in alphabetical order by general area. Within each grouping they are sorted by City and Organization name except for the South East which is organized and listed North to South.

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