Updates 6/25/2014

Google+ and Blogs

I have figured out how to get the third feed to Google+ and in the process have given email subscribers another option. The free version of the product that I use to update Google+ only allows two RSS feeds. …

New Feature

I am expanding and formalizing the “Camp” calendar. I am expanding it to include agility Fun Matches, Workshops (one day or less) and training camps (2 or more days). There is also a feed page (Fun/Work in the menu) that will be propagated to the social media and email subscribers. 

USDAA IFCS selection event

If you cannot make it to California for the Cynosport® World Games, USDAA will be holding an IFCS selection event in Perry, GA November 20-23 for the trials in Italy May 13-17 2015.

AKC Agility Judge News

There were a few posts today on the AKC Agility Judge BLOG. You can access it here:

One item I found interesting is it is legal for the dog to wear a flea collar. However, the dog can only wear one collar, the standard collar or the flea collar. 

Big Update

NextQ, BringFido, your first trial and lots of site updates

NextQ (there is also a link under Links/Other Links) is a site that will find trials for multiple venues in multiple states. For example, if you live in the panhandle, you can search in MS, AL and GA as well as Florida. …

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