Training Information

I have added training information to the web site. Each of the trainers are plotted on a map so you can see them in relation to where you are at. 

If you know of trainers in your area that are not included, let me know one way or another. …

Accommodation Info

The trial site map now includes hotels and a few campgrounds. The hotels are represented by a person in a bed that is too small and the campgrounds by a green pup tent. 

Click on a trial site and then under the more sub-menu select the zoom here option. …


For those of you who were not there this weekend and are planning on coming later this Summer, bring clothing layers (unless you are from Michigan and wear shorts in Florida in the winter)! The arena floor gets pretty chilly. …

Tailwaggers August AKC trial

The Tailwaggers AKC trial for the nights of 8/2&3 has been cancelled. Source:

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