Collapsed Tunnel (Chute) becoming extinct

In the space of just a little over a week three major organizations have suspended use of the collapsed tunnel. 

Last week, UKI announced the suspension of the collapsed tunnel and today, AKC and USDAA announced the suspension of the collapsed tunnel as an obstacle.

Tidbits 8/28/2016

National event announcements for 2017

UKI has announced that the 2017 US Open will be held at the Jacksonville Equestrian Center November 9 -12, 2017.

AKC has announced that the Invitational will remain in Orlando for December 15-17, 2017

Tidbits 8/20/2016

UKI suspends use of the chute tunnel

Although the chute tunnel has not been a required obstacle in any UKI class, it has suspended its use in any class. If a safer version is designed, they will reconsider but it will remain an optional obstacle. …

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