Trials on the move

Some AKC trials are on the move to new locations.

Sarasota OTC has officially moved their September trial in Palmetto to the Air Conditioned comfort of Arcadia. 

It is not in the AKC database yet, but the Treasure Coast KC web site indicates that they will be moving their trials to Fort Pierce. …

Tidbits 4/23/2015


The flat rate for leaving your RV at the Turner Center for the duration of the Summer trials assumes that you will be attending all of the trials and does not include fees for the actual trial days. If you do not attend a trial, you will still owe some money to the club hosting the trial. …

AKC Premier Class

Before the AKC NAC, Bad Dog agility had an interview with Carrie DeYoung about the new Premier Class and how it differs from the ISC classes. You can listen to the podcast at:

Tidbits 4/5/2015

The provider that I use to publish information to Facebook is terminating their service as of May 1. You may see some duplicate posts as I implement a new process and until I terminate the old process. 

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