This section contains some files that may be useful. Most of the files are PDF format. 

Note, fillable forms require a fully functioning Acrobat reader. This means that you may not be able to modify the form in a web browser (especially on a tablet or phone). In any case, it is best to load the document in the Adobe Reader which can be obtained in the app store for your device or use the link in the sidebar for your laptop or desktop.

The Adobe Reader has a fill and sign tool which will allow you to fill in any form and save it as a template. There are tools for adding text, check marks, circle items, etc. So you can take just about any entry form and fill it in on your computer. 

A word about entry forms. You can use a service like Oaklines but now that the AKC forms are fillable and savable by the Adobe Reader it does not make much sense to use them unless you are going to do an online entry with them. It is just one more place to leave your personal information and another password to keep track of. Read about how I handle entry forms.

AKC Computer fillable entry form 5/2018.pdf

This is my version of the AKC fillable entry form. It will handle up to five days (so you can use it for the five day Perry trials) and will automatically add up the entry amount (You will have to enter the amount for the first, second, etc.runs across the tip of the page). The club name and first trial date are highlighted in red because they are required fields (I was always forgetting to enter the club name and wound up having to change it and re-print). Enter the date in m/d/yyyy format and the remaining dates will be filled in and the day of the week added. Simply click on the classes you want to enter and the amount will be totaled up. The remainder of the fields are drop down menus or fill in fields. The Preferred/Regular field is special. When you set that field, it will alter the options for the remaining fields (jump height and levels). The fill in fields are designed to give the biggest possible font size to make things easier for the trial secretary. If, for example, you have a lot of titles or a long name for the do,g, just keep typing, the font will automatically reduce in size.

AKC Agility Entry Form

This entry form is fillable and can be saved with your default information by the Adobe Reader. It has space in the top for the club name and up to four trial days. The link is to the form on the AKC web site. If the link breaks, let me know and I will re-link it.

AKC agility event schedule calc.xlsx

This is a basic event schedule calculator spreadsheet for AKC trials. It lists the events, the date target and the number of days until the target date. The number of days is conditionally formatted with backgrounds of

  • White for > thirty days before the target date
  • Yellow for > 7 days before the target date
  • Orange for 1 to 7 days before the target date
  • Pink for less than one day before the target date

As a spreadsheet, it is pretty easy to modify the calculations to suit your preferences. The default closing date is now 7 days prior to the first trial date (AKC minimum).

Your first trial

I was thinking about putting together a document like this.

UKC Performance entry form

The link is to the form on the UKC web site, If the link breaks, let me know and I will re-link it. The form is not fillable but you can fill it in with the Adobe Reader and save your constant information. Then just load the file, add the info for the current trial, do a save as to keep a copy, and print for mailing.  

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