Arcadia RV update

The new RV area (odd number sites) has been completely revamped with new drainage and shelling. They are currently working on the shelling and drainage in the original area (even number sites) and expect to be complete in a couple weeks. …

Updates 4/28/2014

To make it easier to volunteer, I am adding a link to an electronic volunteer signup sheet to the page with the premium link and other trial information. The link will need to be on the club’s web site or in the premium when I create the page for the trial. …

Updates 4/17/2014

I have generated another version of the AKC entry form. This one addresses the middle portion of the entry form where you have the small check boxes for the jump height and levels for Standard, JWW and FAST. It also has check boxes on the top for up to five days and all six possible classes that can be offered. …

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