USDAA Jump Height Changes

USDAA has modified their jump heights starting December 28, 2016. The following are links to the USDAA site: (new jump heights) (FAQ part 1)

FAST Just Got Faster!

At the October AKC board meeting the board approved a change to the FAST course design requirements to make FAST faster. 

Now, it is possible to have all three levels in one course design eliminating multiple course builds and walk throughs. …


Indian River DTC has cancelled their TDAA trial scheduled for November 5&6 in Palm Bay Florida due to insufficient entries. 

Tidbits 10/10/2016

Topics: UKI Cups & Winter NADAC Circuit

UKI Cups

UKI has introduced Cups. This is basically a regional championship. The overall winner of each jump height gets a bye into the Masters Final and the National Championship Final at the US Open which will be held in Jacksonville in 2017. …

Tidbits 10/6/2016

Topics: NADAC Fun-Raiser site correction, New site descriptions added to

NADAC Fun-Raiser site correction

The NADAC Fun-Raisers will be held in Lakeland not Lakeside (sorry Jacksonville). The organizers plan to have a winter series of trials that include the NADAC trials in Lakeland and Valrico and there will be awards for the high point accumulators at the end of the series.

Agility Trial Reviews is a brand new web site where you can post or view reviews of agility trials and the facilities that they are held at. I have added a link to the site under LINKS>Other Links. I have also added links to the site in each of the Trial Site descriptions. 

Tidbits 10/1/2016

Topics: NADAC Fun-Raiser trials, New site for January Upper Suncoast trial

NADAC Fun-Raiser trials

NADAC has scheduled five Fun-Raiser trials this winter. There are four scheduled for Lakeside, FL (do not know any thing about the location other than it is in the South East Jacksonville area). …

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