TidBits 11/20/2020

News from November AKC Board meeting

For Exhibition Only and Fix and Go On trial

These have been made permanent.

Things ending 12/31/2020 

  • Waiver of two judges required to earn a title will be extended to 12/31/2021
  • Event closing date not less than 7 days before the trial. This has been made permanent.
  • Waiver of judge time and distance restriction (30 days & 100 miles) will be extended until 12/31/2021

As of November 9, 2020, events are down 62% in the aggregate from mid-March to year end.

A total of 14,147 events have been cancelled or postponed in 2020.

Fast CAT, Scent Work, Hunt Tests, Field Trials, Agility and Conformation Specialties are doing well. Total entries through September 30, 2020 are down 1,311,000.. 

 Link to board meeting minutes: https://s3.amazonaws.com/cdn-origin-etr.akc.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/19165100/Minutes-November-2020-Board-FINAL-PUBLISHED-with-Appendix.pdf

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