Tidbits 5/30/2017


There is a market for agility camps and seminars but there is a disconnect between the providers and consumers. Many consumers don’t know when, where or who is offering the training and the providers don’t necessarily advertise outside of their own area. …

Tidbits 5/29/2017

Agility Equipment Vendors

I have put together a list of agility equipment vendors (under links menu). The list is sorted in the rough distance from Florida. Outside of the major vendors, you may want to check and see if they are still in business. …

Tidbits 5/11/2017

AKC ACT Postings

I will post premiums for AKC ACT events. I do not look for them so you have to let me know you are hosting an Agility Course Test. If I notice an ACT event on a page that I look for AKC trials on, I will post the info. …

Tidbits 5/8/2017

UKI Trials at Arcadia

The UKI trial at Arcadia scheduled for July 15-16 has been cancelled. I have heard that another club may be offering a UKI trial at Arcadia the last weekend of the July. Stay tuned.

I am curious to check to check out the construction progress of the new Arcadia Rodeo arena being built next door to the Turner Center. 

Tidbits 5/7/2017

Kind of a slow time of the year for me. One of the reasons I started this project in the Spring of 2013 doing premiums for trials beginning in June. Currently, the only premiums that I am looking for are over a week away from their due date. …

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