Tidbits 10/22/2015

Banner Images

The top of each page now contains a banner image of an agility dog. The dog will change each day of the month and then recycle starting the next month. I will be replacing the images over time. I would like to thank Joanne at Furry Fotography for providing the images. …

Directions update for RVs going to IPOC trial

I have updated the directions page for the new Plant City location for IPOC’s trial at the end of October. It is important that RVs do not use the directions in the premium. I go past Swilley Road on CR-39 every time I go to Arcadia or Palmetto and I was wondering how I would get my RV down that road. …

Tidbits 10/6/2015

From the AKC Judges Blog

Some guidelines for judging bi-directional obstacles in the Premier Classes:

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