New Calendar & other stuff

I have added a new calendar to the calendar. This calendar tracks opening dates and the entries are formatted XXXX YYY ZZ/ZZ where XXXX is the club acronym (i.e., DTCSP), YYY is the venue (i.e., AKC) and ZZ/ZZ is the month and day of the first day of the trial. This starts with trials that open today and going forward. I am still working on it so only the immediate future opening dates are in thus far. 

There are some new buttons on the screen. The round buttons on the upper right of the screen are follow buttons for Facebook and Twitter. The square buttons on the left are share buttons that will allow you to share a page via print, email, Facebook & Twitter readily accessible and a number of other options available with the plus button. 

Some of the premium announcements have not made it into the Facebook message feed for those that have liked the Facebook page. You may need to like an item occasionally to keep the posts coming. In any case, you can see the links on the web site or the Facebook page.

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