Hit a snag

When I added the hotels for the recently published premium for the Pawsitive Action CPE trial the number of locations on the map forced Google to go to another page. However, when you go to the page only the two hotels show up on the map. It is a nuisance but it is nice to have every thing on the one map. For example, for this trial you see not only the hotels they provided but the hotels and trial sites for the whole Orlando area. 

To reduce the number of locations on the map, I have been considering dividing the map into three maps. North which would be Ocala up including the pan handle. I4 corridor which would be basically Palmetto to Daytona. South which would be Arcadia and south and up the East coast to Palm Bay (though part of me wants to include Vero & Palm Bay in the I4 corridor). 

If you have any thoughts on the matter you can comment on Facebook or use the contact webmaster link at the bottom of each page on the floridaagility.com web site. 

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