Photo Help

One of the thing that I have been adding to the site are photos of the trial sites. Thus far, I have done Palmetto and Arcadia and Kelli has given me some for her Pasco Paws facility.  With close to forty sites, there is no way that I will be able to get to them all. Since we primarily do AKC, I will never get to the sites that handle only the non AKC trials and will not get to even all of the AKC sites.

I can use your help in getting photos of the various sites. I will give you credit for the photos if you like. 

What sort of photos? Think of what you would like to know if you are going to a site for the first time: Ring layouts, crating/tenting area, RV parking in relation to the rings (some will want to bring alternative transportation if it is a long distance). I would also like to replace the street level views of the entrance to the site since they do not work well on mobile devices but only if it can be accomplished safely. 

Don't worry about conflicting with my photos. Yours may be better. 

So if you have a new iPhone with panorama mode, give it a try.

Send to "george at ewins dot org" removing the spaces and replacing the at and dot with the appropriate symbols. 

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