AKC Premier Class

Before the AKC NAC, Bad Dog agility had an interview with Carrie DeYoung about the new Premier Class and how it differs from the ISC classes. You can listen to the podcast at: http://baddogagility.com/episode-93-the-new-akc-premier-class-is-coming/

In brief

  • Optional Classes (Premier Standard & Premier Jumpers)
  • Clubs can schedule as they please. (no QQ requirement)
  • Titling class
  • Not tied to the MACH
  • Excellent/Master level dogs only
  • May be an alternate path for NAC qualification
  • May be part of a new Championship title with FAST & T2B
  • ISC classes are basically defined by FCI and Premier classes are defined by AKC
  • Probably implemented near the end of the year - Demos can be organized by contacting Carrie

I watched a bit of the NAC Premier Standard video and the things that I noticed were a sequence of jumps in the middle that were taken twice - once as a serpentine and once as a threadle. There was also a jump before the weave poles that could be taken from either direction. If you did a backside jump, you had an easy entry to the weave poles. If you took the jump straight on, the entry to the weave poles was worse and you had more of an off course potential to the A-frame. 

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