Tidbits 4/23/2015


The flat rate for leaving your RV at the Turner Center for the duration of the Summer trials assumes that you will be attending all of the trials and does not include fees for the actual trial days. If you do not attend a trial, you will still owe some money to the club hosting the trial. Tailwaggers in the third version of their premium offers a reduced rate if you are not attending their trial. 

AKC Premiums 

I have added a page called AKC Premiums under the More menu. It is basically a list of AKC trials and the dates that the premiums are due and the date that they were posted. I have a folder of bookmarks of pages that I search for premiums on and it is the first tab when I have Safari load the whole folder in tabs. This helps me focus on sites with premiums expected soon. You can use it to see when a premium should be available for a particular trial that you are interested in. This is for AKC trials only.

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