Trials on the move

Some AKC trials are on the move to new locations.

Sarasota OTC has officially moved their September trial in Palmetto to the Air Conditioned comfort of Arcadia. 

It is not in the AKC database yet, but the Treasure Coast KC web site indicates that they will be moving their trials to Fort Pierce. The February trial will be held in mid-March since their 2016 date would have put them in direct conflict with the county fair. They are also adding a trial in October 2015 at Fort Pierce (same weekend as MF Golden Retriever at their new site in Ocala).

OTC Palm Beach County which started the move to Fort Pierce has moved their trial earlier in February. The same weekend as the tentative date for Pals & Paws in Jacksonville. 

I have not seen anything about Indian River DTC & Palm Bay moving their trials yet but would not be surprised if they move as well. Will the IRDTC trial next month be the last trial at Vero Beach?

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