Updates 7/5/2014

Premiums in calendar, agility blogs, combined feed

I have tried adding the premium to the calendar entries. Let me know if it is worthwhile. Thus far I have done the two most recently published premiums - Pals & Paws CPE trial and the Greater Ocala AKC trial. You would need to click on the event in the calendar, go down to the bottom of the pop up and click on more details. The premium will be a link at the bottom.

I have started a list of agility blogs under the “Links” menu. The AKC judges and Trial Secretary blogs are there. The AKC judges blog is where you will find things like the requirement that backside jumps be a winged jump. This list is a work in progress. 

The combined RSS feed that I use to feed Google+ can now be used for those that get the updates via an RSS reader. Just go to the “Updates” page. Also, email subscribers now have the option to get all of the items in a single email (select combined option). 

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