Tidbits 9/9/2019

Here are a few items that I posted to social media recently. Most of these are rule changes for the various organizations.


The AKC has implemented a couple of one year pilot programs involving training in the ring starting 1/1/2020. The first is the ability to run FAST and/or T2B For Exhibition Only (FEO). The club must allow it in the premium and you need to notify the scribe and judge prior to starting the run. The second is Fix and Go On. This is allowed in all classes. The following are links to the AKC Agility Judges blog with the information. Part 1 is mostly the rule book changes and Part 2 is  how it will be judged.




There are now some new trial and judging options for clubs.



A number of changes including tapeless weave poles


Manatee County Fairgrounds RV parking

They have managed to increase the rates without increasing the prices by charging for each day you are on the grounds rather than each night. Now, if you arrive the day before a three day trial you will be charged for four days rather than three nights. I hope this does not lead to a bunch of people arriving after midnight to save a few bucks and waking the rest of us up!

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