Tidbits 9/25/2019

We are starting to get AKC premiums for 2020 and it may be nice to review some changes that take place starting January 1, 2020.

For Exhibition Only (FEO) - this allows you to use a toy in the ring in FAST or T2B runs. You must notify the judge and scribe that the run is FEO. The club must also allow FEO in the premium. I will be adding a FEO allowed indicator on the premium page. Normal entry fees apply.

Fix and Go On - This is available in all classes and allows you to take a NQ and fix the performance of a obstacle and continue on with the rest of the course. 

Entry in different Jump Heights or Preferred and Regular at the same trial - You can enter a dog at different jump heights (for example, you want to do the regular classes at 20” and Premier classes at 24C). You can enter your dog in Preferred and Regular at the same trial (for example you are putting a dog down to preferred and you still need a few MACH points you could enter some classes in Preferred and the STD/JWW classes in Regular). In all cases, each different jump height or Preferred/Regular requires a separate entry form and the appropriate fees. 

WEAVE POLES - Tape may not be used for stripes.  Stripes may only be painted on or extruded in the PVC.  Solid color poles may be used if they are of alternating colors.  Poles that are of alternating solid colors are not required to have stripes.

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