Tidbits 6/6/2017


To let the Flu bug die down, DACOF has postponed the trial until September 22-25 2017. The weekend is pretty much empty. The Floridaagility calendar only has a corresponding event from last year for a CPE trial in Palm Bay and it should have been on the CPE calendar by now. 

The text of Bill Becker’s Facebook post follows:

The Board is moving DACOF 2017 to the weekend of September 22nd, 23rd & 24th, 2017!

Dear DACOF Membership,

Because we are so deeply concerned about the H3N2 Canine Influenza Virus (CIV) outbreak, the Board is moving DACOF 2017 to the weekend of September 22nd, 23rd & 24th, 2017.

Our highest priority is the health and well-being of our canine partners and we feel confident this postponement will be in the best interests of our entire canine community! This is a giant logistical undertaking that the Board spent considerable time and effort contemplating. Under the current environment, we feel there is no practical way to implement and employ enough precautionary measures to reduce the contagion risks to an acceptable level. Therefore, the Board feels moving the event is the only responsible thing we can do. Hopefully, by September, the outbreak will be drastically reduced and/or contained. Additionally, it will give ample time for those so inclined to have our dogs vaccinated and past the suggested three weeks “post booster shot” allowing for maximum antibody resistance. We believe the entire DACOF Membership will agree this is the safest and best path forward for our dogs.

On the positive side, as far as we can tell, there are no other conflicting agility events in the state of Florida that weekend. We are currently communicating with the Silver Spurs Arena, Dirt Grooming Professionals, Agility Judges, Hotels, and Trophy Manufacturer to change the dates. We are working fervently and diligently to make the transition to the new dates as seamless as possible.

We anticipate the need for changes of participants due to the new event dates. To facilitate these changes, the Board is taking the following actions:

1) We are assigning a NEW “Roster Deadline” of July 3, 2017. This will allow for the addition of handlers that may be necessary to fill Teams if current handlers cannot attend the new event weekend. Additionally, this may allow those Organizations not previously attending out of concern for the footing to confidently participate knowing we will have the St. Lucie Fairgrounds Dirt Professionals preparing the Arena Surface.

2) !!! Jinny Courtney will be shredding all the existing entry forms and checks !!!

3) Organizations will need to submit NEW Electronic Entry Forms, Signature Agreement Forms, Financial Forms and Entry Payment Checks. It would be terribly unfair to require Jinny to amend the existing database of entries with countless changes. This will be the best and CLEANEST way to get Jinny all the new, updated information.

4) We will also be assigning a NEW “Early Bird Discount Cut-Off” date of July 31, 2017. All entries postmarked and submitted in good order with checks by that date will be entitled to the “Early Bird” discount.

5) The NEW Trial Entry Deadline will be August 21, 2017.

6) The Preferred Jump Height Cut-Off Date will remain unchanged as 1/30/2017.

7) The Title Cut-Off Date will remain unchanged as 4/3/2017.

We know our Membership cares about their dogs as much as we the Board do, and feel certain the entire DACOF Community will be fully supportive of the decision and will appreciate all the extra work we are undertaking. We are going the extra mile to keep our dogs as safe as possible while also making DACOF 2017 the best yet!!!

We are sure there will be many questions. We are still working out the specifics on many details. However, we wanted to communicate the date change as soon as possible so everyone can start planning. We will communicate answers once we have definitive answers.

Thank you for your continued patience and thanks for your support!

Bill & the Board

NorAust CPE trial

The NorAust CPE trial that was scheduled for this weekend has been cancelled and the checks will be shredded.

Calusa AKC trial 

The Calusa trial for this weekend is still on but exhibitors have been warned that if you have a sick dog (even in the RV area), they will be asked to leave. 

Calusa UKI Trial

Calusa has scheduled a UKI trial for Arcadia for the weekend of July 29-30. The judge will be Marco Magiolo. 

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