Tidbits 5/29/2017

Agility Equipment Vendors

I have put together a list of agility equipment vendors (under links menu). The list is sorted in the rough distance from Florida. Outside of the major vendors, you may want to check and see if they are still in business. I started with a list done by a former Nevada trial secretary and a few of them had already disappeared. During the time between when I built my list and finally got around to reviewing the list, another web site disappeared. 

If you know of some other vendors not in the list, let me know via the contact webmaster link in the page footer. 

Along the way I found some interesting pieces of equipment.

Movable dog walk.


available from Clip & Go Agility and Clean Run

Make any jump into a triple


also available from Clip & Go Agility

Pause Table without “legs”


available from Blue Ribbon Agility

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