Tidbits 5/11/2017

AKC ACT Postings

I will post premiums for AKC ACT events. I do not look for them so you have to let me know you are hosting an Agility Course Test. If I notice an ACT event on a page that I look for AKC trials on, I will post the info. More information on AKC ACT events can be found here: http://www.akc.org/events/agility/act-program/ 

Information about an event can be sent to my george at floridaagility dot com address. 

NADAC Fun Raisers

It appears that NADAC will again be hosting a series of trials this Winter in Lakeland. 

NADAC Hosted Trials are sanctioned events, often held in conjunction with judging clinics, which help fund the annual NADAC Championships. Qualifying scores count towards titles and awards - just like at regular NADAC trials.

Logos on premium postings

I have recently been including a logo on the premium postings. This give them more visibility in the social media postings. If you would like me to use your club logo, send me a copy of the logo and I will take that as permission to use the logo in premium postings. They can be sent to my george at floridaagility dot com address. Feel free to pass this along to club officials that may not get this information. 

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