Tidbits 3/5/2018

It has been a while and I have a couple topics to discuss.


This has been a year of change in organization event calendars. 

ASCA has been through about three in the past year or so. I really liked the one in the middle and really hate the current version. It is good that there are only a couple of clubs that offer ASCA trials and they are pretty good about announcing the trials. 

AKC has created a new event search. It is supposedly more mobile friendly and allows you to search on a lot of different criteria. However in its current state you have to specify a city, state and a radius to search (supposedly a search by state is coming). For me to search all of Florida, I have to select a radius that gets a good portion of Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina and a bit of North Carolina. The returned information is quite verbose and involves a lot of scrolling. You also cannot search all future dates but have to select a date range. You also cannot bookmark the search to repeat the search without reentering the information. 

I had bookmarked a number of old event searches and these still work as of publication. You can find these on my "where to find trials and premiums page" for AKC

UKC calendar is pretty easy to use. I just have to select the event type, the state and press search and I get a nice concise list of events. 

CPE, NADAC, TDAA, UKI and USDAA are pretty much unchanged although NADAC is now publishing premiums in theirs.


I will be reviewing the training web sites and searching for new ones over the next few months. If you know of any that should be added or removed, please let me know. 

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