Tidbits 1/19/2018

First Tidbits of the new year! Got a couple of items.

Effective June 1, 2018 the AKC premier classes will be available to all levels of dogs just like T2B. The following is speculation. If the AKC allows dogs to enter the World Team Tryouts with only Premier legs this would allow experienced dogs from other organizations to compete for World Team spots without having to run a dog through Novice, Open and Excellent. The following is a link to the blog entry:  https://akcagilityjudges.wordpress.com/2018/01/17/premier-eligibility-and-measuring-updates/

Five Flags DTC is having a “Glory Run” at their trial in February. This is an event honoring our retired agility dogs. We attended a similar event at a trial in Miami in January 2009. Eileen’s first two agility dogs were entered in the event. These are nice events to have occasionally. It does not work to have them on a regular basis unless the trials are very big. There is a limited window after retirement and it is not something you are going to repeat often. There is a video of one of our dogs at the Miami event on our personal web site: http://www.ewins.org/our-dogs/fluffy-12061990---4222009--.html

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