Tidbits 1/27/2019

Since 2018 is complete, the agility trial statistics for 2018 are complete. You can view the statistics at: Agility Trial Stats. There were some gains and losses between the various venues but AKC is still #1 and CPE is still #2. UKI is now solidly in third place. 

If you like the UKI venue, you may as well move to Punta Gorda. Between Sun Coast Agility, Bratty Paws and Calusa, there will be at least one UKI trial set at Bratty Paws every month except August and November. Not sure what is wrong with August but the US Open will be at Jacksonville again in November. There will also be a few UKI trials spread between Brooksville, Williston and Miami. 

Bratty Paws is also becoming popular for AKC trials. SOTC is scheduling four sets of trials there per year. The Shih Tzu club is holding a national speciality agility trial there in April (Sat&Sun are all breed and Monday Shih Tzu only). Tailwaggers has scheduled a trial there in May and it looks like the March 2020 Treasure Coast trial will be held there (according to the BP calendar). It looks like you will have the opportunity to participate in an AKC and a UKI trial the same weekend in September this year at Bratty Paws. Sarasota has an AKC trial scheduled and Bratty Paws has a UKI trial scheduled. I guess Sarasota will be indoors and the UKI trial in the outdoor ring. From some recent Facebook photos, it looks like the outdoor ring is fully fenced with 2x4 field fencing.

In other interesting upcoming events the Florida Pan-Handlers Aussie club is co-hosting the Southern Classic and Invitational in Perry, Georgia on June 21 through 23. DAWG (Dog Agility of Western Georgia) is the other club. All dogs are welcome to enter (just like most ASCA trials). The invitational is embedded in the classic. All that is required to qualify for the invitational is a Q prior to June first. For more information: http://www.flpanhandlersasc.com/Upcoming/SouthernClassicInvitational.html

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