Tidbits 11/14/2017

Google has enhanced the calendar and now allows rich text and easily created links in the event notes. I have started putting in links to the event information (if applicable) when I change an event from Tentative to a scheduled event. For example, I just converted the DTCSP AKC event next October to a scheduled event and added links to the event information for each day so you can see the classes offered and the Judges when available. I also copy and paste the basic information from one of the days and it retains some of its formatting. 

The Dog Training Club of Saint Petersburg has moved their October trial a week later. This takes them out of the sandwich between Miami Obedience Club and Mid-Florida Golden Retriever Club AKC trials. It is now the same weekend as the Pals and Paws AKC trial in Jacksonville 10/26-28/2018. They currently have one judge scheduled but unlimited entry. I guess they have a backup judge standing by if necessary. 

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