Tidbits 10/11/2017

As you may recall, the 26” jump height is going away starting on January 2, 2018. There will be two 24” classes. The regular 24” class for dogs greater than 22 inches and the 24C class for dogs that measure into the 8-20 inch jump heights. The 24C class uses the 20” jump height course times. 

The AKC Trial Secretaries blog has released new entry forms for the 24C jump height class that goes into effect on January 2, 2018.


As of today, the AKC web site still has the 2015 version of the entry form. For trials after January 1, you can just scratch out 26" and make it 24C if you meet the eligibility requirements.

I have created a 24C version of my entry form that automates fee calculation and placed it in the Files section. The only change is it adds the 24C jump height in addition to the 26” jump height for regular classes so it can be used for trials before and after January 2. 

As long as they provided a Word and PDF version of the new form, I have begun working on a revised version of my entry form based on their new form. My current entry form was done solely by editing the PDF. 

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