Tidbits 10/1/2016

Topics: NADAC Fun-Raiser trials, New site for January Upper Suncoast trial

NADAC Fun-Raiser trials

NADAC has scheduled five Fun-Raiser trials this winter. There are four scheduled for Lakeside, FL (do not know any thing about the location other than it is in the South East Jacksonville area). The first is a four day over the New Years weekend. That is followed by two consecutive weekends starting January 20 and another on February 17. The fifth trial is scheduled for March 10 at Cool Critters in Valrico. 

New Site for January Upper Suncoast trial

Upper Suncoast has moved their January trial from KETCH to Pinellas Park Equestrian Center (6301 94th Ave., Pinellas Park, FL 33782). It appears to be outdoors without cover. From the satellite view, it appears to have two horse rings. The larger of the two (at 150x200) will  hold two agility rings. The trial will have a 660 limit. The following link will take you to a satellite view of the facility: https://goo.gl/maps/4Ctnbfaxq782 The following link is for the county information about the site: http://www.pinellas-park.com/government/departments/library_and_recreation_Svcs/recreation_services/pinellas_park_equestrian_center.php Outside of that, I have no further information. The premium is due by the end of October. 

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