Tidbits 10/6/2016

Topics: NADAC Fun-Raiser site correction, New site descriptions added to Floridaagility.com

NADAC Fun-Raiser site correction

The NADAC Fun-Raisers will be held in Lakeland not Lakeside (sorry Jacksonville). The organizers plan to have a winter series of trials that include the NADAC trials in Lakeland and Valrico and there will be awards for the high point accumulators at the end of the series.

New Site Descriptions

I have added new site descriptions for the site in Lakeland used for the NADAC Fun-Raisers and the Pinellas Park Equestrian Center used by the USDTC January AKC trial. As always, I appreciate any additional information about the sites including photos. 

Lakeland - 8206 Tom Gilbert Rd

Pinellas Park - Pinellas Park Equestrian Center

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