Maps redo

I have redone the maps! There is a new "Maps" page. There area now five overview maps. There are statewide Trial Sites and Trainers maps and three regional maps with Trial sites and lodging - North, South and I-4 Corridor.

I have also redone the street maps for each trial site. The trial site street maps try to encompass all the lodging facilities. In areas where there are multiple trial sites that show on the individual maps, there is a location balloon pointing to the facility you are looking at. If there is no conflict you have a blue pin for the trial site and a bed icon for the lodging sites. If a balloon shows up you should probably close it (little x in upper right corner) because there may be lodging facilities behind it. You can click on any of the icons to pop up location information.

To make room for the Maps page on the menu bar, I consolidated the "Links", "Files" and "Notes" pages under a cascading "More" menu.

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