Big Update

NextQ, BringFido, your first trial and lots of site updates

NextQ (there is also a link under Links/Other Links) is a site that will find trials for multiple venues in multiple states. For example, if you live in the panhandle, you can search in MS, AL and GA as well as Florida. If you are taking a road trip, you can find some trials along the way or near where you are headed. It will also give you the straight line distance from your zip code to each site. it currently supports AKC, CPE, NADAC, UKI and USDAA. My only criticism is you can only select up to five states. It works well for the developer in California but in the East, the states are smaller. For example, Massachusetts touches five states and including itself would require six states (seven if you include Maine). My own extended search range goes North to NC & TN and west to Louisiana. I suggested that they double it and they are considering the change. 

BringFido  is a hotel booking web site that specializes in pet friendly accommodations, restaurants and other facilities. I discovered this on the NextQ site and I have added links on the accommodations pages for each of the trial sites. This may give you some other lodging options besides the ones that the club put in its premium (especially the bigger cities). The link is tailored for the site (or a near by city).

Your First Trial - I was thinking about putting together a section on getting started in agility in Florida and did a search to see what was available. I found this from a trainer in Minnesota. The document is in the Files section. I am still thinking about the getting started section. 

Site Updates

The training area has been revamped. I have added a location code in brackets to the beginning of the facility name. This has the effect of grouping the facilities by location. For example, KETCH is now [CW]KETCH. The [CW] stands for Central West which is the Tampa area up to Brooksville, down to Sarasota and East to the Lakeland area. [CE] would be the Orlando/Daytona area. The rest of the codes are described on the Training page. The groupings were determined by the clusters on the training overview map. 

Each training location has a link to a map associated with it. Just click on the word “map” next to an address.

I have added a few new training locations and removed one. If you know of any trainers that are not in the list, let me know and I will try to add them.

The News and Premiums pages have been restructured. I hope this does not force them to be republished again but if it does it will be a one time occurrence. 

Most of the pages (including all of the news items and premiums) will allow you to comment on the page via Facebook.

There are also a number of minor modifications made around the site. 

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