New Feature

I am expanding and formalizing the “Camp” calendar. I am expanding it to include agility Fun Matches, Workshops (one day or less) and training camps (2 or more days). There is also a feed page (Fun/Work in the menu) that will be propagated to the social media and email subscribers. 

To have an event included in the Fun/Work page and calendar, use the "Fun/Work Request" link under the “More" menu. I have already had a request for a non-agility event but I would like to keep the focus on agility. 

If you receive notification via the social media (Facebook, Twitter & Google+) you will automatically get the updates just like the news and premiums. If you get updates via email, you will need to update your subscription preferences (link at the bottom of this email). Note, I am still working on G+ (the product I use only allows for two feeds on the Free plan). 

If you know of someone that is putting on a match, workshop or camp, pass the word. 

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