I have changed the layout of the Trial Sites. The tabbed feature was causing the maps to be skewed. The information from the "Details" tab is now on the trial site main page with links to the various maps, accommodations, directions, etc. on the top of the page. The map pages have links to the previous, next and up to the main page for the site. The trial site pages also have links to the previous, next and up to the trial site index page. The weather forecast was changed to the Weather Channel forecast rather than Accuweather. I liked the Accuweather widget better but it did not work on my iPad. 

I have been thinking that the trial sites might be better sorted by city rather than facility name. If you have any opinions, you can use the contact page or leave a comment to this on Facebook. I rarely think about the facility name but just refer to the city when talking about a trial.

The maps (in particular the street view) seem to have problems on mobile devices. 

The "Subscriptions" page also got an update. 

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