Extended Premiums

I will be posting premiums for significant trials in the Southeast outside of Florida. This will include the big summer trials in Perry, GA and Concord, NC. It is a bit late for the USDAA Southeast regional in Perry in a couple of weeks but I will look for it next year. I will also post the July and August trials in Hattiesburg, MS. For us, Concord and Hattiesburg are a dead heat according to Google maps. Hattiesburg wins by about a minute or two! For those that live in Gainesville and above, Perry is probably a better bet than Arcadia with less travel time and a nicer more spacious facility. The trials will a regional/national event or at least four days to justify the additional travel time. The states that I will include will be MS, TN, AL, GA, NC, SC.

If you have suggestions for trials that I should include, do not hesitate to contact me. 

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