TidBits 9/10/2020


Finding AKC premiums is the most difficult of the searches that I have to make. Most of the other licensing organizations will post the premiums or test schedules on their event calendars. Guess what, AKC will as well but it is not automatic. I asked the AKC how it could be done and got the following response. 

Clubs can post premiums themselves to the AKC website – they must use their club log-in that they use for doing trial applications on line.

This will put the premium link on the event page (probably have to do it for each day of the event). It also puts it in the search results in the new event search (which I rarely use). So far the only club that has done this is SOTC. 

It would make things a bit simpler for me it we could encourage all the clubs to do this for their AKC agility trials. It would also make it easier for visitors to Florida searching for premiums. 

If clubs did this, I could search for the premiums much faster by treating the AKC trials the way I handle UKI and USDAA. Both of these organizations have “event” pages with the premium link. It is just a matter of bookmarking the event page. I load a folder of bookmarks that I load as a bunch of tabs and then just scan and close the tabs as I go. Looking at individual web sites is mostly a matter of pattern recognition and noticing a change to each of the various pages. 

I am set up to handle AKC trials in this manner for trials not handled by Trial Secretaries with web sites (if they decide to go this route, they can let me know).

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