Tidbits 8/20/2016

UKI suspends use of the chute tunnel

Although the chute tunnel has not been a required obstacle in any UKI class, it has suspended its use in any class. If a safer version is designed, they will reconsider but it will remain an optional obstacle. The chute effectively ended the agility career of one of our dogs. He got tangled up in the chute and exploded out the entrance and hit his head on hard part. Eileen could never get him to get near the chute tunnel again.

Tailwaggers schedule through 2018

The Tailwaggers website has their schedule through 2018. There are some interesting things to note. 

  • The New Years trial this December is the last trial at Jim Brandon. All the outdoor trials will be at the St. Lucie county fairgrounds in Fort Pierce including the upcoming USDAA trial in October
  • The trial in Arcadia at the end of July has been changed to USDAA for next year. There is no mention about 2018 but it will probably depend upon the success of the trial in 2017.
  • They have added an AKC trial in Fort Pierce at the end of September for both 2017&2018 (same weekend as DTCT in Palmetto)

These have all been added to the calendar as tentative events. 

New trial site added

I have added the Florida Classic Park in Brooksville as a trial site. Brilliant Dogs is hosting 3 UKI trials there in January, February and March. It has EZ access to I-75 and the hotels at the exit. There are 300+ RV sites with at least 35-50 amp and the rest 30 amp. The January trial will lead into the Florida Gulf Coast Cluster (15 day event) of conformation shows and RV parking for the January trial will be handled by the Cluster since many arrive early for the cluster. The site is owned by a consortium of dog clubs.

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