Updates 4/17/2014

I have generated another version of the AKC entry form. This one addresses the middle portion of the entry form where you have the small check boxes for the jump height and levels for Standard, JWW and FAST. It also has check boxes on the top for up to five days and all six possible classes that can be offered. As usual, you can fill in the form with your static dog information and save it.

The middle portion is replaced by a series of drop down selection boxes. The first is for Regular or Preferred. Once you select Regular or Preferred the selections for the remainder will be adjusted to your selection. You can then select the jump height, standard level, jumpers level, FAST level and the ISC jump height. The resulting form is easier for the trial secretary to read. However, due to the nature of the drop down boxes they cannot be changed by hand. 

The form relies on some Javascript to do its magic and I recommend using the Adobe Reader to fill in and save the form on your computer or tablet. 

You can find the entry forms in the Files section.

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