Tidbits 11/23/2015

New AKC Agility Class

The AKC board has approved a new agility class designed to introduce new dogs to agility. The following is a link to the board minutes:

http://cdn.akc.org/Board_Meeting_Minutes/Sept-2015-Board-Minutes.pdf search for ACT or Agility Course Test

The following are the highlights for the class copied from the minutes:

There are two levels at ACT events – ACT1 and ACT2. ACT is designed to be used as graduation exercises for agility training classes. The structuring of ACT events resembles the CGC program in a number of ways.

Unique things about ACT events are –

  • Can be hosted by an AKC club or an independent training facility provided the event is judged by an AKC agility judge or AKC approved ACT evaluator. Because the ACT is relatively simple, ACT evaluators are not required to obtain the same standard of training required of an AKC approved agility judge.
  • Small ring size in order that the event can be held in most training facilities.
  • Host organizations may accept day-of-event entries at their option.
  • Dogs not yet registered/listed may participate. Results will be recorded by assigning the dog a temporary recording number. In essence the registration/listing process will be started with the hopes that the owner will complete the process in order to obtain a title and continue in AKC agility.
  • No event application is required.
  • Event recording fee is $5.00 per entry.

Notes, an ACT Evaluator only needs an AX title on a dog and pass a written test.

AKC Agility Regulations

The AKC has published the new regulations effective 10/1/2015 http://images.akc.org/pdf/rulebooks/REAGIL.pdf. It mostly concerns the Premier class but the following link will give you the highlights of the other changes: https://akcagilityjudges.wordpress.com/2015/11/18/quick-notes-on-updates-for-regulations-for-agility-trials/

Floridaagility Calendar

I have had some reports about the calendar not displaying on some devices. For example, it does not work on my wife’s iPad but it does work on my iPad. Someone else had a problem displaying it on their iPad but it displayed fine on their iPhone. I am working on the problem. 

Banner images

I hope you like the banner images. I now have 51 images in the rotation. Is your dog one of the images?

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