Tidbits 11/7/2015

Training Facilities

I have merged the Treasure Coast listings with the South East listings. There are just no nice clusters to subdivide the region. The South East is now defined as the I-95/US-1 corridor from below the I-4 corridor through the Keys. The facilities are listed from north to south. Some of the northern facilities may be accessible to the Orlando area (depending on where you live and how far you are willing to travel).

Banner Images

I will be changing the algorithm that I use to compute which image to display as the banner. Currently I use the day of the month which limits me to 31 images. In the future, I will be dividing the number of days since the beginning of time (1/1/1970 in Javascript) by the number of images that I have available. The remainder plus one becomes the image number that I display. This will allow me a virtually unlimited number of images that I can display. This change will be completed later this month.

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