Tidbits - 5/24/2016

New Place for Premium Links

I have been adding links to premium page on the Florida Premium Dates page. The link to the premium page is attached to the date the premium was published (the date is left justified and underscored if it has a link). This page has the dates that I expect the premium for a trial to be released by. It is also a spreadsheet that I use to compute the Agility Trial Stats. The prize for the earliest delivery for a premium goes to the Florida Pan-Handlers ASC that delivered the premium for their upcoming October trial almost six months in advance. 

New UKI trials

We have a couple of new UKI trials this summer. The first is by Brilliant Dogs and will be held in the air conditioned comfort of the Turner Center in Arcadia on July 16&17 (the weekend after the Perry cluster and the weekend before the Calusa July trial). The second is On Course Agility on September 3-5 (Labor Day weekend) at Palmetto.

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