Florida Premium Dates

See below the table for information about the various fields.

I use this spreadsheet to keep track of upcoming trials. The premium posted date is color coded for premiums that are coming due or past due. Entries appear in this file once the event has been placed into the sponsoring organization calendar.

If the Posted Date is blank the following color codes apply: 

  • White > 31 days before due date
  • Yellow  31 or less days before due date
  • Orange 7 or less days before due date
  • Red - past due. 

The Early or Late field is color coded as follows:

  • Light green - before due date
  • Light yellow - on due date
  • Light red - after due date

The following is how the premium due date is computed.

AKC - For trials with opening dates, the premium is due at least two weeks before the opening date. Thus the due date is the opening date minus 14. I think that most clubs think that it is the opening date. 

ASCA - The premium is due to be distributed or posted at least five weeks before the trial date. Thus the due date is the first trial date minus 35. 

CPE - The premiums are posted by CPE after they have been reviewed by CPE. They are supposed to be submitted at least four months in advance. I am tentatively using 90 days before the trial date to allow a month for CPE to review and post to their web site (their updates are somewhat irregular). 

NADAC - Premiums are due to NADAC for approval at least 6 weeks prior to the trial date. Allowing a couple of weeks for approval I am using 28 days to compute the due date. 

TDAA - Nothing definitive, trial applications are due 60 days prior to the trial date. I am using 45 days to allow for TDAA processing.

UKC - I have not found anything, I will use 30 days prior to the trial until I find something definitive.

UKI - Nothing definitive, generally the opening date but the opening date will be adjusted if the premium is late. I will use the initial opening date as the due date. 

USDAA - The test schedule is due no less than 6 weeks (42 days) prior to the trial date. 

The Early or Late field is calculated by the difference between the posted date and the due date. If the premium has not been posted it uses the current date rather than the posted date. 

The Premium Posted date is the date that I posted the premium or noticed its availability. I do not always process premiums on weekends we are at trials.

For Non AKC trials the premium posted dates are not available for trials prior to the second week in February 2016 and will just have “NA” for the posted date. AKC premium posted dates go back as far as July 2015. 

The remainder of the spreadsheet is used to compute the Agility Trial Stats.

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